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Sisterhood of the Traveling Jersey: The Final Game

Three and a half seasons ago the Sisterhood of the Traveling Jersey was born at Petco Park in left field.  It has circled the world and brought joy to thousands.  I love looking back on the over 40 different adventures The Jersey created.  Some adventures still remain a mystery.  Hopefully not forever.

I was lucky enough to look after The Jersey for it's final farewell tour.  I just wanted to say thanks to the Gaslamp Bballers who took the jersey on eight fantastic journeys this season.  And a special thanks to those of you who shared their stories with our community.

Jon Jersey Final Game

Last Thursday I set out with The Jersey for one simple goal.  Enjoy the final Padre home game with my buddies Jbox and Dex.  No glitz, no glam, just one final game in the sun to make sure four years of sweat and stench were permanently baked into every fiber of this magical relic.  And however bittersweet the day, the years, all things must come to an end.  And so it has.

The future of The Jersey itself is yet to be fully written.  The Jersey is a source of unspeakable power and it belongs in a museum for future generations to appreciate.  And while I can't guarantee that, we have some ideas for it's final resting spot.  Believe me Top Men are working on it...

Lost Ark Jersey