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City of Poway still unsure of how to memorilize Tony Gwynn

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Poway City Council wants to honor the late Tony Gwynn with some sort of monument in Lake Poway Park.  They know they want to, but they are short on ideas  They rejected a plaque on a boulder, which is probably for the best, but now they're spending $10,000 to a consulting service to come up with an idea.  They don't want to spend more than $29,529 of tax payer dollars.  A full sized bronze statue could cost up to $100K.  You can see the dilemma.

Poway Tony Gwynn memorial slow to take shape |

“We might get someone that proposes a bust on a six-foot column. We might get someone that has ideas we haven’t even thought of yet,” he said. “The things we’ve talked about are that we want to recognize Tony the ballplayer and we want to recognize Tony the humanitarian Powegian. I believe this brings us closer to finding what fills that need, what fills that goal.”

Gwynn lived near Lake Poway for three decades so it'd be nice if they could figure something out by the second anniversary of his death, and that's the plan.