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Bud Black says manager position with Nationals is "very attractive".

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Stan Liu-USA TODAY Sports

I don't think we've heard any comments from former Padres Manager Bud Black since he was fired mid-season by A.J. Preller and the Padres.  That's a credit to Black who probably could have thrown Padres leadership under the bus for at least a few things.  Today is the first time that I believe he's spoken publicly and it's not about his firing.

He was asked in a lightning round of questions about the Nationals' managerial position.  Black answered in his familiar staccato style on the MLB Network.

Very attractive position.   Very good team.  A great city.  That's a good one.  That's a good one.

The Washington Post said that Bud Black isn't the only former San Diego Coach who might be considered.  Rick Renteria's name is also in the mix and while he's been offered other coaching positions he wants to manager again after not really getting a fair shake from the Cubs.

Black wouldn’t be the only person from those San Diego teams who could be a potential Nationals candidate. Renteria was Black’s bench coach for three seasons.

Black was asked says that he does not have a Twitter account despite the Padrse Public Relations team pressuring him to get one.

I was encouraged heavily by the Padres PR staff to get one.  I have not.

One has to wonder if that's the reason he was fired.  Probably.