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A.J. Preller holds press conference to talk about manager search

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

You and I weren't at the Padres press conference but plenty of reporters were and they were tweeting like a cage full of parakeets.

This is actually better for me because I can never understand Preller's fast talking mumbles.

For those unaware, this is what Preller looks like now.

He wants someone bright and the best.

There's no time table set for the new hire, but sometime before the season starts would be ideal.

Padres Managers have been lacking presence and energy ever since Bud Black was fired.

All of our favorites are in attendance: Hacksaw, Brie, Dennis, Annie, Ishoo... everybody.

The Padres faced many obvious problems this season.

But the Padres are looking into going in a new direction. They'll try to win this time.

The new manager will be able to choose and manage his own staff, which is what one might expect.

Preller won't mention any names of candidates because the list is a secret.

Even though Preller has been second guessing himself about firing Bud Black, he still thinks it was the right call, at least he thinks it was.

You can't argue with results.

The manager hire will ultimately be Preller's decision, not President Mike Dee's.

The next manager will be open to new ideas or he'll be fired like the others.

And I think that about wraps it up since the tweets have died down.

Here's Darren Smith's interview with Preller: