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Padres rumored to have a long list of managerial candidates

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

When looking for clues for who will be the Padres 2016 managers, first you need to look online.  Then you have to look for personal connections between those candidates and the Padres Front Office.  Now supposedly the decision will belong to GM A.J. Preller, but some people have their doubts.

A.J. Preller to decide on Padres' next manager |

"This is A.J.'s decision and we'll be there to lend support, but this is his hire," Dee said. "This is his call."

If Padres President Mike Dee influences this decision then his blue and yellow fingerprints will be all over it, I'm sure.  You'll probably hear names from his Boston Red Sox past, such as Jason Varitek or Dave Roberts.  Or maybe Padres from the early 2000's when he worked during the era of suck, like Phil Nevin and Mark Kotsay.

We're led to believe that if it's Preller's decision alone then he might choose his former Ranger manager Ron Washington.

Or maybe they'll choose someone with little or no connection to either of them and we'll just make wild assumptions after the fact.

Below are the names we're hearing now.  None of them really excite me at the moment.  I think the Padres should look outside the current organization though.  The way I see it they need someone who is ferociously competitive and decisive yet a good communicator with a quick temper and rugged good looks to boot.  Vote for your favorite in the poll.

Five candidates for Padres' managerial job |

Sandy Alomar Jr., Phil Nevin, Dave Roberts, Jason Varitek and Ron Washington

#MLBFrontOffice: What's next for the San Diego Padres? - The GM's Office - ESPN

Some of the potential candidates to replace him could include Ron Washington, Alex Cora, Phil Nevin, Eric Wedge, Aaron Boone, Ron Gardenhire, Mark Kotsay and Joey Cora.

Dusty Baker drawing interest on managerial market - MLB Daily Dish

A source with direct knowledge of the club's plans downplayed the idea of the Padres hiring Baker