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Quiz: Name the 20 Padres shortstops since Khalil Greene

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

I started writing this post over two weeks ago. Well, actually, I did everything except start writing it over two weeks ago. I made the quiz, selected the photo, and wrote the headline and promo headline. The only thing I didn't do is this part that you're reading right now.

Anyway, the title I wrote way back then explains the premise of the quiz fairly well, although it's worth noting that even though Khalil Greene wasn't traded to the Cardinals until after the 2008 season, his last game with the Padres was actually on July 30, 2008, when he broke his hand punching a locker following his hundredth strikeout of the season.

All that this quiz requires of you is last names. Once your time is up, be sure to log your score on the poll, then feel free to comment about whatever, just being vigilant to use spoiler bars over any right answers.