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Padres Pre-Season Predictions were very wrong

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

After the Opening Day roster is set each year we ask you to predict the Padres record.  Hundreds have answered the call each year for nearly a decade.  Few are right.  This year we were all very, very wrong.

What will be the 2015 Padres' record?


No one was even remotely close.  Of those that commented, no one even guessed a win total in the 70's.  In the poll, zero percent voted for the 71-75% range.  The bad news is we don't know anything about the Padres, the good news is that there are no witches among us.

I was feeling very pessimistic about this season up until Preller signed James Shields, then and only then did I think we had a chance.  I forced myself to be optimistic just so I could share in everyone else's fun.  Look where it got me, hoodwinked by the Padres marketing machine like the rest of you.

What place will they finish in the NL West?


Again nobody thought the Padres would be this bad.  Fourth place?  Are you kidding me? We should have known.

Who will win the National League Western Division?


Lots of people picked the Dodgers.  They were the favorite all season long.  It doesn't make you psychic to pick them.

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Which Padre player will be traded before seasons end?

Abraham Almonte, Will Venable, Trea Turner, Tommy Medica

The easy pick here was Trea Turner since he was the PTBNL in the offseason.  Even though the Padres were terrible all season long, someone in the Padres organization held out hope.  A.J. Preller stood pat and did basically nothing before the trade deadline, except for the Almonte deal.  Venable was traded after the deadline.

Zen Blade picked Venable among a bunch of other players so it doesn't really count.

Who will be the Padres All-Star(s) ?

Justin Upton

With all the star power that Preller picked up a lot of you figured the Padres would have multiple representatives in the All-Star game.  Some of you picked Justin Upton, but none of you only picked Justin Upton, so we all lose again.