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SD 3, LAD 6: Jankowski caps off the season with a 3-run HR

That's it, folks. Another chapter of Padres regular season baseball.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Despite a few attempts here and there, the Padres won't be avoiding the sweet as their final series of the 2015 season. Even worse, the sweet comes at the hands of the Dodgers. The baddies in blue up the I-5 did it by riding Clayton Kershaw's road to 300 season strikeouts and staying up there.

The man tasked with the job was relief pitcher Frank Garces, who before his MLB debut, was no stranger to the starting pitcher position. Garces managed to match Kershaw all the way up until he allowed a 2-run HR in the second inning. From there, a whole cast of relief pitchers came in to throw their final pitches of the season. Both Jon Edwards and Nick Vincent managed to concede a few more runs before the end of their 2015 regular season.

On the offensive side of things, the crew combined for a healthy 3 runs. All from the swing of the bat by Travis Jankowski, who seared a ball from Luis Avilan to score Austin Hedges and Alexi Amarista. The final hits of this season came from Melvin Upton Jr., Derek Norris, Jedd Gyorko, Austin Hedges, Alexi Amarista, and Travis Jankowski.

It's worth it to hear the Dodger boos, one last time.

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Thanks so much to everybody who showed up for the final game thread. Looking forward to some more bustling threads in 2016! :)