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A baseball-filled Halloween

Gaslamp-Ball-oween 2015 will be full of baseball fun. Because baseball is the best.

Old friends!
Old friends!

Hey, Gaslamp Ballers! I hope everyone is having a safe and wonderful Halloween weekend so far and you all haven't overdosed on the candy just yet.

I always suffer from serious Padres withdrawals in October, so for the seventh straight year I decided to carve a Padres-themed pumpkin. In the past I've done various Swinging Friars, Padres Minor League affiliates, and probably the best pumpkin I have ever and will ever carve in my life, last year's tribute to Mr. Padre and the Colonel.


And of course I can't forget my Gaslamp Ball pumpkin!

GLB Pumpkin

This year I went with a throwback design - but probably not the throwback you're expecting.

I'm sure (hoping) everyone can at least recognize the famous San Diego Chicken on the right. On the left is former Padres mascot Bluepper. If you don't remember Bluepper, here's an old blog post from jbox to remind you.

And here they are with the lights on.

bluepper chicken pumpkins

Today I'll be heading down to Tony Gwynn Stadium for San Diego State's annual Halloween baseball game.

It's that time of year again! Free baseball in costume on Halloween. 12pm at Tony Gwynn Stadium. See you there!

A photo posted by San Diego State Baseball (@sdsubaseball) on

And tonight I plan on sitting in front of my TV with some candy and watching the World Series (and the National Anthem performed by my fave Demi Lovato!).

Can you tell I miss baseball?

Make sure to share with us your Halloween stories, pumpkins, and costumes (Padres-themed or not) in the comments! Happy Gaslamp-Ball-oween!!