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SD 1, LAD 2: Erlin endures, Hedges homers, final series is lost

Well that was one of the more forgettable second to last games of a season ever.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The Friars dropped their 87th game of 162 along with the last series of 2015 Padres baseball. Today's matchup was more forgettable than a spring training game. The Dodger scored a run, then the Padres did, then the Dodgers did. There was a nice play here, a home run there, but it's more than apparent that the team is ready for the offseason.

A nice token to take away from today's pitching matchup was that Robbie Erlin went nearly toe-to-toe with Zack Greinke and the playoff-bound Doyers. He lasted a hearty 7 innings giving up barely two runs on a solo HR from Justin Turner in the first inning, and then a sacrifice double play RBI to Adrian Gonzalez.

He limited the damage by allowing only five hits and walking none, sitting down four with strikeouts. Shawn Kelley's relief efforts had good results too, pitching an inning of shutout stuff to keep things available for the Padres to win had they decided to.

Instead, the offense of our second-to-last game boiled down to a solo shot from The Austin Hedges. He absolutely crushed the no-doubter deep, deep into the left field bleachers. This spoiled the shutout and recorded Hedges' third, and most likely last, home run of the season.

Not many morsels to snack on from today's game, but tomorrow we get to see the very interesting matchup of Frank Garces vs. Clayton Kershaw. Rumor has it that somewhere in the MLB rules states that if we win throwing Garces tomorrow then we get LA's spot in the playoffs.

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