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SD 2, LAD 6: Padres lose their first game of October

But Cody Decker hit his first major league RBI.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Padres are playing baseball in October, trying to decide who gets home field advantage in the post-season between the New York Mets and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Not very much on the line at all for the Friars, but we got to play a part-time role of spoiler for the Giants' post-season hopes, so let's double-dip into the role.

We didn't do any spoiling tonight, though. Casey Kelley punches out of his 2015 season with two losses after giving up six runs on eight hits, and only striking out three for the night. The scoring came from a relentless third inning full of Dodger RBI's all the way down to the final out.

The Padres lineup was handled by Alex Wood, with Alexi Amarista and Cody Decker slipping through the cracks to pin a pair of runs on the board to ensure that the Pads avoid their 20th shutout. The Friars left four on base tonight, which would have made all the difference. Decker's RBI, however, made a difference in his career numbers being his very first MLB-RBI.

Robbie Erlin is going to bounce back off of Kelly's woes in the battle against Zack Greinke tomorrow, which will be a deciding game in whether or not the Padres end the season on a series win. Keep that faith.

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