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Jon Heyman reports Moises Alou has been considered for Padres' managerial opening

Moises at The Murph
Moises at The Murph
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

I don't follow Jon Heyman on Twitter, but enough people who I follow retweet his stuff often enough that it's pretty much like I do. A few minutes ago he tweeted that Moises Alou is on the Padres' radar as a candidate for the vacant managerial role. In his article, Heyman calls Alou "an outside-the-box candidate", and says numerous things that lean toward Alou being an extreme dark horse as well. First he states that "people who have spoke to Padres GM A.J. Preller haven't suggested he's talking widely about this as a possibility", then in the very next sentence casts doubt as to whether Alou would even want the job if approached about it, noting that he turned the club down last year when offered the hitting coach position which was ultimately filled by Mark Kotsay.

So, all in all, it seems unlikely, but it's not like us Padres fans have anything better to do this time of year than soak in rumors. Even if Alou doesn't even get an interview, it was still worth having his name thrown in the ring if only because it spawned this gem from SB*Nation's own Grant Brisbee, which actually made me laugh audibly: