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Petco Park being turned into a golf course

No word yet on whether the Padres store will be stocking ugly golf outfits.

Tony Marshall/Getty Images

Do you ever try to watch baseball with someone who's not a fan? The complaints are endless. "This takes too long." "Where's the action?" "This is the most boring sport ever." Well, the Padres are here to prove your friends wrong. On November 6-8, they're turning Petco Park into a venue for what is actually the most boring sport ever: Golf.

The San Diego Padres and Callaway Golf today announced The Links at Petco Park, a nine-hole golf experience that will take over Petco Park November 5-8, 2015. As part of the experience, golfers will have the opportunity to take shots onto the playing field from various tees along a course designed within the ballpark.

That's right. If you're that guy that really liked the giant golf club that doubled as the right field foul pole, the Padres have a treat for you. And this is no minigolf course. According to the map provided, players will be taking swings from the upper decks of Petco Park.

Of course, if you're just finding out about this now, you're already too late. Tee times are already filled up, so if you didn't get your reservation in earlier today, you'll have to find another way to get this kind of excitement on the first weekend of November. Have you considered watching grass grow?

I will rescind all disparaging comments about this event if it turns out you also get to race golf carts around the ballpark.