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Did Padres ownership meet their 3 commitments?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Padres season has ended and our collective anger has subsided and turned to depression just as Summer has turned to Fall.  The last month has given us time to distance ourselves a bit from a team that was a source of endless frustration.  Maybe we can look back with some perspective and with clearer eyes now that the tears of rage have fallen and dried.  Perhaps now we can answer the question, "Did Padres ownership meet their 3 commitments?"

You may remember that back in November of 2013 Padres ownership set three vague commitments and placed a sign in the Padres store to make them known to the fan base and to hold themselves accountable.  That sign has long since disappeared but it's remembered around these parts. They set no timeline for when these commitments would be met so we'll grade them each year until we consider them completed.

The commitments are as follows:


  • To field a team worthy of the fans support with the goal of competing for a World Series Championship each season.
  • To provide a fun, affordable and entertaining experience at Petco Park and to market that experience to a diverse fan base throughout the entire San Diego and Baja California region.
  • To be active and vital members of the community.

As I stated last year, and the year before, the goals are open to interpretation. For instance, every team competes for a World Series Championship by playing in the regular season. Does this mean the commitment has been met? Or does this mean that the club must be one of the two teams playing in the Series? Or do they just need to make the playoffs? Or do they just need to set a goal of the World Series? Also, is the team worthy of fan support if we're terrible fans? Ownership doesn't answer these questions, so you'll have to decide with your vote.

Was the Petco Park experience fun, entertaining and affordable? Well, I'd suspect that fans we will have different opinions on that as well depending on their disposable income and how easily they're entertained. Did they market to a diverse fan base in Baja California? You must decide.

Is the team active and vital member of the community?  You be the judge.

Give the team a pass or fail grade for each of their commitments so they know whether they need to improve in these areas for next year. After you vote you'll see a link to the results.  Last year's results are here.