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Don Orsillo arrives in San Diego

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Padres leadership proudly showed off their newest acquisition of ex-Red Sox Broadcaster Don Orsillo today.  They handed him a dull colored Padres jersey and posed him in front of a painting of Tony Gwynn as if the Padres legend himself was giving his blessing.

Padres Public has a very fair review in their meandering thoughts about Orsillo.  I prefer to remain jaded until I see what he's all about and how much he talks about Dunkin' Donuts coffee.

The entire Padres staff was undoubtedly rounded up and made to applaud his entrance to the offices for this photo opportunity.  If they aren't die hard Red Sox fans they would probably be asking the same question I'd be asking.  Who is this guy and why are we making such a big fuss when we have a broadcasting legend of 37 years here in San Diego in the form of Ted Leitner who still hasn't been elected into the Padres Hall of Fame?

These congratulatory tweets from Dee and Partello aren't surprising since both have strong Boston ties -- Boston strong ties.