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Padres to interview Alex Cora for managerial opening

Doug Benc/Getty Images

Well, he isn't my favorite Cora, but if Joey isn't going to be the next Padres manager I'd just as well it be Alex. Earlier today Jon Heyman tweeted that the younger of the Cora brothers will be receiving an interview for the opening. Alex, like both Joey and recent interview recipient Rick Sofield, has no prior major league managerial experience. However, Alex seems to be the new hotness, as he's expected to interview with the Marlins and Nationals.

Since his playing career ended in September, 2010, Alex has worked as an analyst on ESPN, as well as serving as a general manager in Puerto Rico's winter league. I quit cable almost a year ago, and even before that I didn't watch ESPN's Baseball Tonight much at all, but I recall Alex Cora being concise and precise, a total welcome change from the usual phoned-in garbage. The guy definitely has an enthusiasm for the game and it shows, both in his commentary and his tweeting.

I don't know whether he'd be a good manager or not, but I do think he'd be a great hitting coach. I mean, if everybody took 18-pitch at-bats ending in home runs, everything else would take care of itself.