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Padres peripheral programming sees rating increases

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Fox Sports San Diego's Padres programming is up across the board.  Last week we learned that the actual game ratings grew 22%.  Today we see that the peripheral Padres related programming also saw increases.

"Producing dynamic programming that educates, informs, and entertains our viewers is a top priority," said Jeff Byle, Executive Producer, FOX Sports San Diego. "I’m very pleased with our groups’ efforts."

One day if the Padres can slap together a few wins and generate even the slightest bit of excitement the ratings are going to be off the chain.  These ratings took off with an off-season win, imagine if that energy had lasted more than two weeks into the season.  I know, right?  Yet still the ratings went up.

I canceled my cable and traded in my DVR this season so I ended up watching the games in low definition and never bothered to figure out when these other shows were on.  Padres POV was the big winner apparently with a 35% increase.  I swear if these shows had a set time and weren't pushed around due to live events they'd be so much more popular.  How was new host Ally Sturm?  Good, good.

Padres Live Postgame grew 30%.  I never stuck around for this show, by the end of the game I had nothing left to give to FSSD.

Now, Padres Social Hour I watched pretty regularly and it drew 29% more viewers.  I like that there is fan interaction on this show and I'd watch it again.  I'm looking forward to who they're going to have to replace Jesse, hopefully nobody lame.

I haven't watched #SDLive in years, yet its viewers grow in spite of my boycott.  Good for them, they have a 26% increase.

FSSD just steamrolled their 2014 ratings, must feel good.