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Quiz: Name the entire 2015 Padres roster

You may want to forget the disappointing result of the season, but could you really forget all the players that got them there?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Actual neighbors borrow cups of sugar and SBNation neighbors borrow blog post ideas I was poking around Sprocle the other day and saw that Pinstripe Alley had posted a quiz. The quiz was to name the entire 2015 Yankees roster. I didn't do well on the quiz (I can name most starters, but that's like maybe 20% of a season's worth of players), but I figured Gaslamp Ball readers would like to get a chance to name the 2015 Padres roster.

The Yankees, apparently, use a lot of players. Their quiz includes 56 players, and that doesn't even equal their franchise high of 58 from the year before. The Padres used a more modest 46 players and that includes 2 players that spent the entire year on the DL. The 2015 Padres do boast a player that has a name that is far more difficult to spell than any Yankee. I can't give too many hints, but know that it has two Z's in it and despite it's difficult start, the second half is spelled like it sounds.