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The Padres won their only World Series game this day in 1984

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It took the Padres 16 seasons to get to their first World Series, where they lost four-games-to-one to the Tigers. Today is the anniversary of that one win, a feat they have yet to replicate in the 31 years since.

The Padres were already a game down in the series, and starter Ed Whitson dug them into an early hole in Game 2. He allowed three runs without getting out of the first inning; he was replaced by Andy Hawkins, who shut the Tigers out in his 5.1 innings of work. Most of the Padres' offense came by way of Kurt Bevacqua, who scored their second run in the fourth inning, then hit a go-ahead three-run blast in the next frame to bring the game to its final score of 5-3. Craig Lefferts shut the door on Detroit with a three-inning save, allowing just a single.

The Padres made it back to the World Series in 1998 but didn't win any games that time, thanks in no small part due to Richie Garcia. Oh, well. Maybe they'll win another World Series game next year. Or four. Yeah, I like the sound of that way better.