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Kris Budden announces tonight is her last game with the Padres

After two years with Fox Sports San Diego / Padres family, Kris Budden is moving on.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight during the broadcast of the Padres' home finale against the Brewers, Fox Sports San Diego reporter/host Kris Budden announced that it would be her last game in SD.

Budden joined the FSSD team at the beginning of the 2014 season, coming on as sideline reporter and new host of Padres Live following the departures of Kelly Crull and Laura Rutledge (formerly McKeeman). You may remember jbox playing detective and figuring out that she was the new FSSD reporter in early '14. She had already been in the Fox Sports family for a while, working the sidelines of NFL on Fox and SEC broadcasts prior to taking the job in San Diego.

She will be doing more of that football work tomorrow and through the weekend, which is why tonight is her final game with the Padres. But she won't be going far. As she announced on the broadcast today, she will be moving to Los Angeles with her husband after this weekend to support him in his new job.

My husband has always been so supportive in my career. He left his family and friends and his career in Tennessee to follow me here. And he has gotten an incredible opportunity for his career - he's a tennis coach - and he got a job as the assistant tennis coach at Pepperdine, so go Waves! So we will be moving up to L.A. I will still be with the Fox family and do my football work and still be doing stuff with the Aztecs, but hopefully this will not be the last time you guys see me. I'll have to come down and pitch in next year when I can.

Budden went on to thank the rest of the broadcast crew, the FSSD team, the Padres, and the fans.

Thank you to all the Padres fans who took in a southern girl and let her come to Southern California. I've really been blessed.

Through her announcement, it was apparent she was holding back tears, but she said that Dick Enberg told her there was no crying in baseball. Following her announcement, Enberg and Mark Grant went on to express their admiration and gratefulness for Budden's work the past two years.

Budden was a great addition to the FSSD crew and always did great work, whether she was hosting Padres Live, hanging out on the sidelines, or interviewing a player after a game. Her professionalism, poise, and presence on the screen was a joy to watch and will be missed.