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Fox Sports San Diego to introduce new virtual signage to Petco Park for TV viewers

The future is now, people.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Fox Sports San Diego is announcing several new features to the broadcast this season and is also reporting that advertising sales are 60% sold out for the season, up 23% from last year. Having corporate sponsorship up for the broadcast partner is always a nice thing and I, for one, hope the money gets used to add different things like auto tune to Dick Enberg's voice and glowing hockey pucks.

What actually will be in place is virtual signage. Advertising that shows up on the center field wall visible only to people at home. It's like some sort of futuristic technology that augments actual reality with an even better reality controlled by slave driving machines that have achieved singularity while the rest of us were distracted with iPhones and binge watching whatever happened to be on Netflix.

Virtual Sign

"Padres 2015 is set to be FOX Sports San Diego’s most exciting season of baseball yet," said Wayne Guymon, Vice President and General Sales Manager, FOX Sports San Diego. "With new, integrated advertising innovations like virtual signage there is no better time to be part of Padres broadcasts."

The numbers must have been crunched to prove out that the virtual signage would work better targeted to home viewers than to the batters themselves, though I'm sure makers of leather backpacks everywhere are rueing the fact that they can't get more of the latest leather backpack trends in front of Matt Kemp every time he steps into the batter's box.