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Padres leadership doesn't seem fond of the brown uniforms

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Since day one of his ownership Ron Fowler has been consistent with his terrible taste in Padres uniforms.  He is "very pleased" with the current set.  He has said time and again that a change to the Padres uniforms is "not likely".  We'll see about that.

As recently as last year Padres President Mike Dee confirmed that a definitive uniform change was "coming soon".  It never did, which is probably for the best because frankly I don't trust him or anybody else in the organization to make the right decision.

The current Padres leadership likes to pretend they appreciate the Padres original colors of brown and gold, but it's just one big tease.  I honestly believe they just don't get it, probably never will.  It's a shame.

Since the Padres themselves bring absolutely nothing to the table in the great uniform debate.  I guess it's up to the fans to design the uniforms.

Today's mock-ups from John Brubaker are getting quite a bit of attention online.  The Padres for their part have been silent, except for a "Thanks! Nice work!" which sounded more like a "Thanks but no thanks. Don't you want red, white and blue uniforms from the PCL days?"  Nope.

I've decided to go back and watch the last official statement from the Padres on the subject.  It's from an interview with  Chief Marketing Officer Wayne Partello on Padres Social Hour last May when fans became irate that the Padres won't just bring back the brown and gold uniforms that are so popular here.  I didn't watch it at the time, because I was just too angry.  I did however submit fourteen questions via Twitter that I'm told all went unanswered by Wayne.  Here they are:

Here's the full interview:

And here's my notes:

  • Partello used to be part of the media, he says people want to read negative stories like those that say the Padres only have brown uniform weekends because it sells tickets.
  • He loves to debate the uniforms.
  • When President Mike Dee started with the Padres, they conducted brand research, not uniform specific.
  • The Padres are listening to fans.
  • "You may not like my answer, but at least I'll give it to you. I'll give you what I have and I'll be as open and honest with you as I can be."
  • Partello says that fans want consistency.  "The assumption that a change is imminent, is just that, an assumption."
  • Partello says he doesn't see a staggering number of fans wearing brown uniforms to games.
  • "It doesn't matter what I prefer."
  • "We forget that the initial Padres uniform was red, white and blue.  There were a lot of iterations of this team that need to be included."
  • The research Ron Fowler has looked at says that fans want blue. 

Not very informational in a 19 minute interview.  He only answered like 4 questions.  I'm glad I didn't watch it the first time around.