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Padres brown uniform mockups by John Brubaker are awesome

The new-look Padres would be complete with a new look in their uniforms.

Brown uniform mockups/photoshop by John Brubaker.
Brown uniform mockups/photoshop by John Brubaker.
John Brubaker

John B. is at it again. We've shared his work on Gaslamp Ball before here and here, but he's been updating and promoting his designs again lately. His newest photoshop features one of Preller's Padres, Matt Kemp, sporting the brown pinstripe concept, and it looks like a home run (baseball puns are fun on a bun) (so is rhyming).

Count me in as a supporter of this look. These uniforms look sharp. And while I, like jbox, do prefer the more gaudy and traditional use of brown/gold/orange by the Padres (as well as the "Taco Bell" hats and the old school SD logo), if something like John's mockups are what we need to get brown back in the team's everyday lineup, then that's a compromise I'm more than willing - enthusiastic even - to make. It's a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, with the throwback PCL "Padres" script and the modern "San Diego" font and interlocking SD logo.

Here are just some of the responses on Twitter to John's uniform concepts:

A thousand! That's a lot of percent!

Converting the non-jersey-wearers! Brown is magical!

Inb4 athletics68: Meh.
Inb4 Friar Fever: #BringBackTheSand #PutTheSandBackinSANDiego