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Padres find no common cause for arm injuries

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

A few days ago sdsuaztec4 tweeted asking if we knew that the Padres had commissioned a study to figure out why an inordinate number of the team's pitchers were being injured.  It was news to me.  I even started reading the FanGraphs article but must have breezed right by that paragraph or never made it that far.

Evaluating the Prospects: San Diego Padres | FanGraphs Baseball

Another big topic that came up on all my calls for this list was the recent history of Padres pitching prospects getting hurt. There have been somewhat recent Tommy John surgeries for Casey Kelly, Max Fried, Joe Wieland and Cory Luebke (twice) among the legitimate prospects, but the team has no explanation for why they’ve been hit harder than others. Padres execs detailed a study to me that was commissioned to answer this question and there were no common factors across the injuries and there didn’t appear to be problems with their throwing programs. It appears to just be rolling snake eyes a few more times than everyone else did, through random bad luck.

What's even more surprising is that we get to learn the results of the study even if no common cause was detected.  Usually these types of Padres studies, like the uniform dilemma, are closely guarded and the results never revealed.