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Jerry Coleman passed away one year ago today

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

I remember hearing the news one year ago today, that the one and only Voice of the Padres, Jerry Coleman had died.  The news came to me in the late afternoon.  I think I got a text message from either Dex or Jonny, I was stunned.  Like many of you, I had never known the Padres without Jerry somehow attached to them, either as a broadcaster or manager.  To be shocked by an 89 year old's death may sound strange but his legend had made him immortal somehow in my mind.

Jon told me that there would likely be a vigil at Jerry Coleman's statue.  I asked him if he wanted to go downtown with me, but he couldn't because he was watching his kids. Me I was laying around on the couch.  I dropped what I was doing and drove straight to Petco Park. I didn't know what I'd do when I got there I just knew I had to be there.

When I arrived there was one news camera and a few fans congregating.  There had been others because there were already a handful of flowers set at the foot of Jerry's statue.  I just stood there for a bit.  Fans came and went after paying their respects, but eventually a small growing crowd gathered.  The Padres left the gates open to allow access to the statue late into the night.  I remember it being cathartic to be around and talk with other fans.

Today, for me, the grief is mostly gone but I still miss hearing his voice.  When I do hear him in a playback on the radio my mind snaps to attention and there's a brief moment that I need to remind myself he's really gone.  I'm still so proud that he was a Padre.  As his long time broadcaster partner Ted Leitner often says "Miss ya Jer".