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Mabelynn Capeluj represents the Padres in her yearly photo shoot

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Miss California 2013 Mabelynn Capeluj isn't a stranger to dressing in seductive Padres uniforms.  She's from San Diego after all, is a self-identified Padres fan and frankly this is what we do.  Some of us with less success.  Still, fans will remember her from when she threw out the first pitch at a game during her reign and at this time last year she tweeted a picture of patience in her underwears.

This year she again lifted the spirits of many Padres fans across the internets.

There's no denying she makes a strong argument for the blue uniform, but if these January Padres tweets become a yearly ritual then she might be willing to take requests.  In fact, we might have convinced her to go to a throwback brown uniform in her next shoot.

If only the Padres themselves were so agreeable.