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Randy Johnson on Joey Cora: "Glad he was my teammate"

Rick Stewart/Getty Images

I know this is only tangentially related to our beloved Padres, and I apologize if you clicked on this link somehow expecting something newsy. But Randy Johnson, who is the greatest baseball player I share a birthday with, was taking questions from us commoners, so I asked him about his time with the greatest second baseman baseball player of all time behind him.

Johnson and Joey Cora were teammates from the onset of the 1995 season until the non-waiver trade deadline in '98 when The Unit was sent to Houston; Cora went to Cleveland exactly one month later when it became clearer than clear that the M's were out of it.

Anyway, I was a fan of both of them when I was a kid, and a Selig-created "rivalry" can't crush that. Since Johnson was fielding an open session, I asked him to describe my diminutive hero in one sentence. His reply was what I expected. That sounds anti-climactic, but I can't think of any better compliment  to Joey Cora than a teammate thinking as highly of him as I do.