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Padres have interest in SS Luis Sardinas

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Ken Rosenthal has two rumors about the Padres that don't sound like they'll happen any time soon, if at all.  The first is that GM A.J. Preller has interest in trading for SS Luis Sardinas who was recently acquired by the Brewers in a trade with the Texas Rangers.  Preller wants a reunion.

But any excitement to come from the Padres filling their hole at shortstop is quickly dampened by Rosenthal's postscript when he says the teams have had no recent talks.  Then again the Brewers have only had Sardinas for two weeks, so if they've ever discussed him then it's fairly recent.

Also the Cole Hamels rumor still continues to float around for yet another month.  Everything I've read says that the Phillies are demanding far too much for Hamels and the Padres may not even have enough to offer. Yet here we are still talking about it, which can still be fun in its own way.