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Mark Grant's family survives serious car crash

David McNew/Getty Images

Padres TV Color Analyst Mark Grant believes he witnessed a miracle this week.  His family crawled out of the wreckage of their Fiat 500 after it was rear-ended by a Ford pickup.  The collision caused the family Fiat to roll twice but the occupants, including his wife, his daughter and her boyfriend, escaped relatively unscathed.  Grant's wife suffered some bruises and scrapes to her scalp but showed no signs of brain trauma.

He asked that we all tell our loved ones just how much we love them.

Family of Padres TV commentator Mark Grant survives ghastly car crash. |

"If you have a wife, if you have children, please do me and yourself a favor before you go to bed tonight," Grant posted on his Facebook page, along with a photo of the wreckage. "Hug them, look in their eyes, and tell them you love them, with all your heart!"

Thank God they're okay.

Many fans and friends reached out to Grant via social media with their support and he thanked them for it.

Seeing the picture on Grant's Facebook of the aftermath, I'm amazed that such a small car held up to such damage.  I'm looking at the safety rating for the Fiat and it gets a well-deserved "good" rating for roof strength.