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Padres who wore uniform number 21

Jeff Carlick/Getty Images

Yesterday I took a look at Padres who wore number 22 since that's how many days were left until pitchers and catchers are set to report. In the comments it was requested -- nay, demanded -- that I check back in today with Ken Caminiti and the rest of the 21s. I'm a man of the people, so here we are.

Caminiti is actually second in games played while wearing 21 for the Friars, appearing in 557 games, trailing inaugural Padre Cito Gaston's 766. Interestingly, both Caminiti and Gaston never wore 21 elsewhere; Cammy wore 11 with the other three teams he played for, while Gaston rocked 25 and 43 in Atlanta, and 44 in Pittsburgh.

There have been 24 other Friars to wear 21, with another on the way. Recently signed pitcher Brandon Morrow -- not to be confused with recently acquired pitcher Brandon Maurer -- is the latest to be assigned the digits. Here, courtesy of Baseball Reference, is the full list:

1969-74 Cito Gaston
1975-76 Alan Foster
1977 Gary Sutherland
1978 Chuck Baker
1979 Jay Johnstone
1979 Mike Hargrove
1979-80 Paul Dade
1982-83 Joe Lansford
1987 Jim Steels
1988 Dickie Thon
1989-92 Phil Stephenson
1993-94 Billy Bean
1995-98 Ken Caminiti
1999 Gary Matthews, Jr.
2000 Matt Clement
2000 Dusty Allen
2001 Mike Colangelo
2002 Sean Burroughs
2003 Jaret Wright
2004 Rich Aurilia
2006 David Wells
2007-11 Heath Bell
2012 John Baker
2013 Jason Marquis
2014 Xavier Nady
2014 Adam Moore
2015 Brandon Morrow

Along with Gaston and Caminiti, Heath Bell is the other Friar to wear 21 in an All-Star game.