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The Padres are announcing Promo Schedule on Twitter

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Oh man it's happening, the Padres are letting fans announce their giveaway schedule one item at a time, just like last year..  The first item is my personal favorite, the Padres beach towel.  I couldn't tell exactly what it was at first, maybe a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's belt buckle, but it turns out it's home plate.

I can barely contain my excitement. My idea for a giveaway item would be like one of those stripper pens where if you turn them upside down their clothes come off, except different...

We're currently waiting for the next big reveal, but we've been given a clue.

Man, that was a long break between announcements.  I showered, ate dinner and watched a situation comedy in between tweets.  The second item is a light-weight hooded sweatshirt, color:drab gray.

Here we go again...a mini-replica of Petco Park.  I wish they'd have shown a banana for scale.

Oh snap!  Just got a message from the Pads.  Here, let me announce the best giveaway:

Like that.

More tomorrow: