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Larry King Now Loving Matt Kemp On Larry King Now

That's actually a pretty good sentence...

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Here's the great thing about Matt Kemp: He's not going to let a little thing like getting traded from The Wonder City of America's Los Angeles Dodgers to America's Finest City San Diego Padres get in the way of him being as famous as f_cking possible. Case in point: His appearance on Larry King Now.

I believe that Larry King Now continues the great tradition of Larry King Live in the hearts and minds of most people as something that they are vaguely aware of and attribute some cultural significance to despite never actually watching. Larry King Now is on a thing called Ora.TV, which is something all the kids who watch Ora.TV are watching these days.

In any case, if anybody was ever worried that Matt Kemp would fade into irrelevance - and by "anybody" I mean, "me and Matt Kemp" - then they no longer need to worry, because he's going to put himself on streaming internet television with one of the heartiest famous Dodger Fan around and endear himself to everybody in the nation. He will become the Padres', nay San Diego's, ambassador to the rest of the world (while also making sure that people check out his fancy smile and slick fade haircut).

Other random notes:

Random Note 1: Matt Kemp found out about his trade via Twitter, which in the year 2015 is like saying that he found out about the weather by looking up at the sky. Still, Larry King Now thought that was a simply deeeelightful observation.

Random Note 2: Matt Kemp has old man hips, believes that everybody has arthritis somewhere in their body. I agree. For some, shyness might be their arthritis. For others, a lack of education might be their arthritis. For Matt Kemp, actual medically diagnosed arthritis in his old man hips is his arthritis.

Random Note 3: When asking Matt Kemp about no longer being a "one team" player, Larry King Now references Cal Ripkin, Stan Musial and Derek Jeter. Tony the Gwynn notable in his non-mention.

Watch and love him, Padres Fan. Watch and love him.