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Padres hang portrait of Bud Selig in Petco Park lobby (many years ago)

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images


Right after I finished writing this blog post, I questioned myself because I thought I remembered seeing the Selig portrait years ago in the lobby.  I believe there's a portrait of Jimmy Carter too, since he threw out the first pitch when Petco Park opened.  I confirmed this last night with some Padres employees that the Selig portrait has been there for close to decade.  My sincere apologies for assuming current leadership was still sucking up to Selig, even though there's no reason to now that they've got the 2016 All-Star Game.


Padres Leadership's bizarre infatuation with former MLB Commissioner Bud Selig continues.  They are crushing on him hard, swiping his picture all day long on Tinder.

Usually when a person or group is ridiculed for a poor decision they apologize, back away from it and maybe try to change the subject.  The other less used option is to defiantly push all their chips into the center of the table and go all in.  That's what this group has done with the events surrounding Bud Selig Plaza.

They are just bound and determined to stand by their story that Bud Selig saved baseball in San Diego.  Not many, if any, are buying that story (for which they've offered no proof) but they just keep selling it.  First they created a sh_t storm by naming their Hall of Fame plaza after him at Petco Park.  Now they've decided to honor  the commissioner with a commissioned painting?

The bad news is that this abomination is viewable from a public space in the lobby.  The good news is that he's clothed, at least from the waist up.