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LA Times: Enberg is San Diego's Scully

Maybe LA sports writers should stick to begging for NFL teams.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

While this has been a pretty exciting offseason, I'm still starved for anything Padres-related, so when I saw this LA Times puff piece about Dick Enberg and his Ford C. Frick Award, I gave it a look. It starts with a weird analogy about Diana Krall that I don't understand because I've never listened to Diana Krall. Then there's a list of famous broadcasters, you know, "The Greats" that Enberg is joining. Of course, because this is Los Angeles and the west coast revolves around them, that list includes Vin Scully, the Platonic Ideal Of Baseball Broadcasters.

And then I got to this part: "He is the Padres' Scully, and one of the few announcers whose name can share the same sentence." Excuse me? First, let's dispense with the idea that we want or need a Scully. The Padres are a team with their own identity, and they don't need to define themselves with comparisons to the Dodgers. Second, if we're using "Scully" as a shorthand for "beloved broadcaster who defined Padres baseball for generations of fans", we're not talking about a guy who has called 5 seasons of San Diego baseball as a retirement gig. We're talking about All-Star, World Series MVP, four-time World Series champion, and Frick Award-winning Lieutenant Colonel Gerald Francis Coleman.

It's not really surprising that a Los Angeles sportswriter would be so clueless about San Diego baseball. I mean, they only show up for about four innings. So let me see if I can fix that article for them: Vin Scully is one of the few announcers who can share the same sentence with Jerry.