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Padres World Series Odds at 25/1 according to Bovada

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Bovada has updated and released their 2015 World Series odds, and the Padres, as expected, have moved up a pretty good amount compared to last year's odds. Going into this season San Diego is at 25/1 and right on par with the Yankees and the Royals, which is pretty good company, in terms of World Series odds, if you ask me. In comparison, last year prior to the season the Padres' odds were 66/1, on equal footing with the Cubs and Rockies.

Here's the list of all the teams and their odds, courtesy of @BovadaLV:

Washington Nationals 6/1

Los Angeles Dodgers 8/1

Boston Red Sox 12/1

Chicago Cubs                           12/1

Los Angeles Angels 12/1

St. Louis Cardinals 12/1

Detroit Tigers 14/1

Seattle Mariners 16/1

San Francisco Giants 18/1

Toronto Blue Jays 18/1

Baltimore Orioles 20/1

Chicago White Sox 20/1

Kansas City Royals                   25/1

New York Yankees                    25/1

San Diego Padres                     25/1

Cleveland Indians 28/1

Atlanta Braves 33/1

Miami Marlins 33/1

New York Mets 33/1

Pittsburgh Pirates 33/1

Oakland Athletics 40/1

Texas Rangers 40/1

Cincinnati Reds 50/1

Milwaukee Brewers 50/1

Houston Astros 66/1

Tampa Bay Rays 66/1

Arizona Diamondbacks 100/1

Colorado Rockies                     100/1

Minnesota Twins 100/1

Philadelphia Phillies 100/1

Obviously these, like any preseason projections, should be taken with a grain of salt. But it's always interesting to see a more objective view of how the team stacks up. And it's nice to see that even from an outsider's perspective, the Padres look to be moving on up in a big way.