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CMO Wayne Partello talks about the Padres' brown uniforms on Dan Sileo's show

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Chief Marketing Officer for the Padres, Wayne Partello, was on Dan Sileo's show this morning.  He was asked about brown uniforms.  This is my own personal Hell, listening to Padres executives dance around the uniform issue.  It makes my skin crawl.

Here's my transcription:

Wayne Partello interview with Dan Sileo (MP3)

We've got something for this season in the works that we'll announce that will be a fun way to incorporate the brown into the season.  That'll be coming up soon.

In terms of uniforms, we've had this discussion several times through my tenure here, which is just over a year now.  We're aware of the fan's desire for a change.  Some fans want the brown, some want the brown and gold, the brown and orange.  We hear a lot of different variations of the brown that people want.

We're aware of the fan's desire.  We're definitely working to see what's the best direction for this franchise.  The one thing we do know, is whatever we do, whatever decision we make, we want it to be a decision that will last a long time.  I think as a franchise we've had so many uniform changes that it's hard to keep a consistent brand. It's really important that whatever direction we choose to go in the future is the direction that we'll go for a long time.

Just like everything else, I think, as an organization, we've taken the path to taking our time, get it right, do our due diligence and make sure the decision that we're making is the decision that we feel we want to stand behind and stand behind for a long time.  And we'll take the heat that comes along with that through the process, but I think that the end goal is to get it right and not rush into anything"

We've heard the criticism of our current uniforms and we're aware of our fans -- we've also heard fans that really enjoy our current uniforms, so we want to make sure we hear everybody and we've heard a lot of research and talked to a lot of folks and now it's time for us to get to work and see what we come up with and make a decision.

OMG, they are totally going to eff up this decision.  If it's taken them this long and they still don't get that the Padres NEED to return to their brown and gold roots then we are totally screwed.

We're gonna end up with blue uniforms with a hint of red because the guys from Boston want us to look like their beloved Patriots?  There's only one way to make a change and keep it for a long time and that's to return to the team's original colors.  I'm gonna go ape sh_t if they eff this up again and I'm pretty confident they will.

Meanwhile the internet jizzed itself over some brown mock-ups last week and the Padres brass remained deaf and mute.  Why ignore that kind of excitement and passion?  There it was in front of them and no one capitalized on it, because Ron Fowler like things bland.