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Petco Park Is Getting Ready For Monster Jam

Okay, that actually looks kind of cool.
Okay, that actually looks kind of cool.
Tim DeFrisco/Getty Images

One of the reasons this year's FanFest has been delayed until April is that Petco Park is being turned into a monster truck arena/motocross course/Luke Yoder's worst nightmare. Today we got our first glimpse of the ballpark's SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY* look, courtesy of Wayne Partello.

Of course, it's not really Monster Jam without a mullet in the house, so Andrew Cashner took the field to play a little catch. Sadly, he didn't throw from the new extra-high mounds.

I don't really know much about monster trucks, but they look a lot like big ATVs to me, so maybe Donovan Tate will finally get his shot at playing in a major league ballpark.

*Monster Jam is actually on Saturday.