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Bob Owchinko birthday cards: A lefty looks at 60

As I mentioned earlier in Joe Pittman's birthday card post, Bob Owchinko was the first New Year's baby to play for the Padres although Pittman was born two years earlier. Pittman was a Padre in 1982 and was depicted with the team on baseball cards in 1982 and '83; Owchinko came along nearly six years earlier. He debuted with the Padres and pitched two games in 1976, then appeared in at least 30 games for the club each of the next three seasons. Owchinko was included in Topps' base set as a member of the Padres from 1978 through 1980; his '78 and '79 cards are pictured above because I don't have his 1980 release. For shame.

In general I like the 1978 Topps set a lot more than its successor, but as far as these two cards are concerned the 1979 issue is the undisputed champion. Between that uniform and the background, it's virtually perfect. I also like that the team-name banner is orange even though the Padres had yet to adopt that color.

I've heard people talk about what songs would be on their desert island mixtape; since I'm a card nerd I've wondered what cards would be in my desert island binder. I was going to say that Owchinko's 1979 Topps card would be a no-doubter, but then I realized I'd probably actually fill the binder with nothing but Joey Cora cards. Much in the same way the first three-quarters of my desert island mixtape would be all of Social Distortion's White Light, White Heat, White Trash album.

When I'm digressing from my digression, that's probably a good cue to wrap it up.

Happy birthday, guy!