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SD 6, LA 3: Cashner Leads Offense to Victory!

The losing streak has been ended! Last night was a shot through the heart to San Diego sports fans, but Andrew Cashner and Jedd Gyorko weren't going to let that happen to us tonight.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With our Friars on a season-long six game losing streak, Andrew Cashner took the mound looking for his first recorded win in over five months. Already posting for a great start of the monthwith a 1.29 ERA, things were still not shaping up to be a friendly start for Ca$h after last night's 9-4 steamroll.

So after being outscored 19 to 34 in September so far, how was Cash going to do it? Well, do what he always does: lead the way, take matters into his own hands, and play in ways that are unlike a pitcher.

Don't ignore the 7 innings of only giving up 2 earned runs in the form of a betrayal home run from Adrian Gonzalez and conceding one walk, because that was great too, but the best part of the night started in the top of the second. With runners on the corners, Roberto Hernandez dealt his rival a not-so-slider that Cash got a very firm hold of, driving an RBI double-worthy shot into left center.

Ca$h channeled the power of the mullet into driving this double-turned-triple into left center.

Totally forgetting who he was dealing with, Yasiel Puig chucked a sloppy relay into the ground that was remeniscent of last night's blooper debacle, which squirted past Hanley Ramirez. The Dodgers defense was shortly reminded who Andrew Cashner was as his flowing golden mullet bounced past them while he slid safely headfirst into third base.

He also doesn't need a single excuse to get his jersey dirty. I guarantee this slide was coming no matter what.

With the scoring started at 2-0, "The Spang" Cory Spangenberg plated a deserving Cashner in with an RBI of his own. Trailing into the next inning, the Dodgers had to deal with a fired up Jedd Gyorko who straight up second-degree murdered the ball into the left-center bleachers for a three-run blast, and so 5-2 was the score.

The Gyorkstore uses free SDP Air shipping to the Los Angeles area. Now that's coverage.

A little sac fly from Mr. Rene Rivera after some more solid hitting from Yasmani Grandal and Gyorko would drive us up to 6-2. The Dodgers tried chipping back at us in the 9th after a tense RISP scenario for Kevin Quackenbush, but as jodes cleanly put it: "There's no room for [the Dodgers] on the Quackenbus.", as they were sushed with 2 LOB.

Cashner uses his controversial mutant powers to retrieve the ball after Amarista's fantastic diving catch.

The offense was sparky tonight; with Grandal going 2 for 3 with two walks, Gyorko going 2 for 4 with his two run HR. Andrew Cashner was not going to let another day go by without a win, and his boys were there to follow his lead. Our win projections were pretty clear-cut, and stayed calm even after the tense bottom of the 9th.

Source: FanGraphs

Gosh, it was hot and sticky tonight in San Diego, wasn't it? And GLB'rs still showed up!

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