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'Round the Bases - September Week 1

(9/1 - 9/6) A weekly roundup of Padres performances. This first week saw an entire week of Diamondbacks and the first chunk of the series against the Rockies. Joe Wieland returned to action for the Padres, and Cory Spangenberg had a phenomenal debut.

Denis Poroy

Back in June of the year 2011, the San Diego Padres drafted a lil' Cory Spangenberg very first (10th overall) from the Indian River Community College in Fort Pierce, Florida. He's the first first draft pick for the Pads since 2005. Now, just last week of 2014, Spangy got the call up and started in his first major league game for our Friars. In this same week, a familiar face with the name Joe Wieland's Face, returned for the first time in almost two and a half years.

This Week's Record

9/1 vs D-backs W 3-1 (Game thread | Recap)

9/2 vs D-backs W 2-1 (Game thread | Recap)

9/3 vs D-backs L 1-6 (Game thread | Recap)

9/4 vs D-backs L 1-5 (Game thread | Recap)

9/5 @ Rockies L 0-3 (Game thread | Recap)

9/6 @ Rockies L 6-7 (Game thread | Recap)

Two more names for the beginning of September's callups are Leonel Campos (contract selected from San Antonio) and Robbie Erlin (recalled from El Paso). The AA right-hander R.J. Alvarez acquired in the Huston Street trade made his quick Padres debut. Casey Kelly, Adam Moore and #2 prospect Matt Wisler both got lockers for the month as well.

Other than that, here are the highlights:

Spangy's first HR is a walkoff

Spangy broke a club record with his second pinch-hit HR on Saturday against the Rockies. The 11th pinch-hit HR for the Padres this season exceeded the previous record at 10 set back in 1995. But for this one, Speisenberg made his first MLB HR one to remember.

Game: vs Arizona
Friar: Cory Spangenberg

WieWie's first MLB strikeout in two years

The Wie has been through a lot these past two years. Tommy John in July 2012, constant arising soreness and MRI's, and then even more elbow surgery. So stringing together enough healthy playing time to get himself called up for a September is always a victory, despite being blasted for three straight innings, that K must have felt a little bit good. It did for me.

Game: @ Colorado
Friar: Joe Wieland

Spangy is a showoff


The first highlights of the Spang's career debut were leathery and flashy. In his small sample size (26 innings), he's already posting good range, showing that he's somebody you'd want at third base. Hell, somebody to get a little excited about too.

Game: vs Arizona
Friar: Cory Spangenberg

Smeth Sith guns down Dickerson


Amplified by the fact that Smethxy had just tied the game in the top of the inning, seeing him make Dickerson look like a dumb little jerk had a satisfying pop to it. Regardless of the outcome of the 4 hour 52 minute marathon, both The Smith made the record-breaking game what it was in more ways than one.

Game: @ Colorado
Friar: Seth Smith

Spangbob Spangypants dribbles out his first major league hit


The least peacocky of the Spang-highlights, but still a milestone. Cory's first hit was a dirty little bases-loaded bloop into the gap. I don't know about you all, but a Padres hit with RISP always gets me flustered.

Game: vs Arizona
Friar: Cory Spangenberg

Top Performers

Cory Spangenberg 2 HR, 5 RBI, 1 SB, .353 ISO, 1.095 OPS, 16.7 K%, 211 wRC+

Andrew Cashner 7 IP, 1.29 ERA, 6.43 K/9, 1.29 BB/9, 0.3 WAR, 75 LOB%

  • Rene Rivera drew the most walks (4) this week. With a 16.7 BB%, he also led the team taking first pitch strikes (66.7%) and swinging and missing at strikes (16.8%).
  • The Spang was the only one to hit any home runs (2) this week, both of them pinch hit fresh off the bench.
  • Jedd Gyorko made the least amount of contact (56.8%) with his swings, yet collected the most hits (7) and the second most extra bases with 3 doubles, with an ISO rating of .130 behind Spangy's .353.
  • The longest game of the season was played on Saturday against the Rockies. 4 hours and 52 minutes, previously 4 hours and 35 minutes, after 12 innings.

Other Things that Happened This Week

Last Sunday jodes and Darklighter attended the Padres SD Social Summit. jodes did an amazing writeup on it, so go read it right now.
SD Social Summit: a summary

It's final, GLB single-handedly saved Park at the Park.
Area around Tony Gwynn statue restored, footprint of Fox Sports set has been re-sodded

December 5th the Padres will be hosting a neat holiday themed event
Padres announce Holiday Wonderland at Petco Park

A certain Padres shortstop did a really, really really stupid thing.
Everth Cabrera cited for DUI

The Hall of Fame plaza debacle is more clearly outlined.
Mike Dee lets Social Summit attendees in on plans for new Padres Hall of Fame