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Fox Sports San Diego beats ESPN in local ratings and fan approval

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

I didn't watch the Padres game last night, instead I had it on the radio while I cleaned and did laundry.  The game was apparently simulcast on both ESPN and Fox Sports San Diego, so viewers had a choice of which broadcaster team they wanted to watch.

Everything I read on Twitter said that ESPN's coverage was the worst they'd ever seen.  With that said, it's not surprising that FSSD absolutely destroyed ESPN in last night's ratings locally.  FSSD scored 4.23 households and ESPN .76 HH.

As an aside FSSD says that their ratings are up 24% over the last year.  August was also their highest rated month ever with an average of 3.59 HH tuning in.  That's a 7% increase over the previous high of 3.35 HH in June 2013.

For a time I was trying to keep track of the Top 10 most highly rated Padres games but it's been impossible to keep up this season.  When last I checked only 8 games on my Top 10 had  over a 4.0 rating.  This season alone they've scored 25 games above that benchmark, 17 more than last year.

Here's some of the disparaging tweets aimed at ESPN during last night's game: