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Padres announce Holiday Wonderland at Petco Park

From what I understand the recently announced Holiday Wonderland has been in the works for several years.  Based on rumors, I was expecting it last year but it never came, just like Santa when little girls and boys are naughty.  I really enjoyed the snow day celebrations the Padres hosted back in the mid-2000's when this blog was new and we were young.  I'm looking forward to attending this event and reminiscing upon those days of yore.

You know how we're all sick of baseball and especially the Padres at this point in the season?  Once December rolls around we'll be itching to revisit the ballpark and take part in anything Padres related.  After all that's the reason we go crowd into Fan Fest each and every year.  It's not for the chance to tour the clubhouse again or walk the bases or to buy overpriced yard sale items. It's to feel closer to baseball in whatever way we can.

I'm convinced the Padres have the best events department in baseball and somehow even after that declaration they always manage to go above and beyond my wildest expectations.  Here's a snippet of what they have planned.

Open for 12 nights in December, there will be fun for people of all ages. Get in the spirit and walk through the magical lighting displays, ride Polar Express trains, explore Candyland, feed live reindeer, take a photo with Santa near a 40'-tall Christmas Tree, enjoy the festive fare and so much more!

Live reindeers, dudes.  Not dead  or animatronic.  Real live ones.  I'm gonna pet the sh_t out of them, which shouldn't be a problem since the times I've seen them in the past they never stop sh_tting.  Picture Reindeer pellets everywhere fertilizing the field.

I'm also looking forward to the 40 foot Christmas Tree and the holiday themed Padres merchandise.  I want to purchase a really ugly Padres sweater, if they aren't selling them then maybe I will make one for this event.

Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for kids.  Parking is $10.  Apparently online service fees are $4.  Start saving now.

More information from an elfin VP and Santa Claus in the video below: