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GM A.J. Preller says Bud Black will be his manager

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

A few minutes ago the Padres kicked off a press conference with their relatively new GM.  Preller is currently meeting with the press for the first time since he took the position.

Buddy Black is the manager going forward.

This will be a polarizing issue for Preller, right out of the gate.  There are warring factions in Padres fandom about this topic.  There are those that think Black has had his chance and not delivered a post-season appearance and then there are those that say that he was never given post-season quality players to work with.  I sit here on the razors edge, pretty indifferent.

Carlos Quentin decision will be made in the off-season

This should be a pretty simple decision.  It's impossible for Quentin to stay healthy enough to play in the National League, we've seen this.  Get him a segway to use in the field and then maybe you keep him.

Ideal hitter for Petco Park

Kind of a snarky answer from Preller, don't you think?

Preller open to the possibility of trading front line starters

I think any GM will tell you that he's open to trading every player, so this shouldn't come as a surprise.  It'll only be a surprise when he actually trades Andrew Cashner.

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