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Padres players appear again in the credits of Saturday Night Live sketch

Kyle Mooney, my favorite Saturday Night Live cast member, is also a Padres fan.  In last night's SNL premiere he made another reference to the Padres in his latest pre-taped sketch.  Again he named some of our favorite Padres in the credits.  The names go by quick but @RadioFreeAgent saw them and grabbed us a screen shot.  We tip our caps to him.

On a side note Jody Reed was the player I most looked up to in 1996. All the other guys were so good and since I had never played organized baseball at the time, he was the player I most identified with, seeing as he was a light hitting second basemen.  I felt it was important to keep my dreams rather small, so there was no risk of me ever becoming anything.

I like these cheesy 80's sketches and although this one was good, it didn't kick me in the funny bone like the previous installment.  Check it out, but skip to the very end to see the credits if you get bored.