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Padres Pre-Season Predictions Pretty Pathetic

Ben Hoskins

Back on March 29th of this year we made our pre-season predictions to see if any of us were witches.  Well, we're not.  We're not even close.  In the main poll only 14% of us thought the team would finish with a win total between 76-80.  The majority voted for win totals between 81-85 and 86-90, each category received 34% of the vote.

In the comments section we asked you to answer 5 questions about the season the day before it started.

What will be the 2014 Padres' record?


Just about everybody in the comments was overly optimistic.  If you remember the Padres were pretty cocky back then and it must have rubbed off on us.  Nobody picked 77 wins.  Seventy-seven wins was a one game improvement over the last two years.  It was so obvious and right in front of us all along!

What place will they finish in the NL West?


A good amount of us picked the Padres to finish in third place.  The Padres were a distant third, but third nonetheless.  They finished 17 games back from the Dodgers and 11 games back from the Giants.  The team wasn't even close to contending.

These Gaslamp Ballers picked the place correctly:

kevintheoman, SolanaFan, turbopan, Lancers46, Mr. Madre, IputtheYinTony, blahdu, Nater Tater, walkoff59, Padres_Hobo, SanDiegoHusky, EnglishChris, JollyWaffle, EvilSammy

Who will win the National League Western Division?


A lot of us picked the Dodgers to win the NL West, it was hard not to, their roster looked stacked since last year.  The only reason they wouldn't win was if they were hindered by clubhouse issues or injuries.

sdharleygunther, Xeifrank, kevintheoman, Ivan Verastica, turbopan, padreroach, usupadres, Mr. Madre, IputtheYinTony, grizzlysd187, Darklighter, gwynnfan11, hashtagtroll, walkoff59, Timmah73, Padres_Hobo, SanDiegoHusky, jbox, A huevo, recorddigger, Dex, JollyWaffle, EvilSammy

Which Padre player will be traded before seasons end?

Kyle Blanks, Nick Hundley, Chris Denorfia, Huston Street and Chase Headley

I think these were all the Padres that were traded, correct me if I'm wrong.  Here are the people that picked at least one of them.  Next year I need to be more clear that you can only pick one player or you need to get them all.  Too many of you picked more than one.  I gave you credit this year, but next year, it's not happening.

Xeifrank, kevintheoman, SolanaFan, turbopan, jodes0405, sdharleygunther, Timmah73, Padres_Hobo, jbox, Thelonious_Friar, A huevo, EnglishChris, JollyWaffle

Who will be the Padres All-Star(s) ?

Tyson Ross (P), Huston Street (P)

Nobody picked both All-Stars.  No credit next year if you don't pick all of them.

Only Thelonious_Friar and CurbEnthusiasm picked Ross as an All-Star.  Street was picked by wegotballsley, TheThinGwynn, Padres_Hobo and grizzlysd187 but they also picked some wrong ones too.