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SD1, SF3: Stults receives no support against former Friar

There's a very short list of things more weird than watching Jake Peavy throw against your Padres in the second to last game of the season. What's not weird is Eric Stults getting minimal run support when he decides to pitch well.

Thearon W. Henderson

It stings to say it, but as of today there were only two more games left in the regular season for the San Diego Padres. To make matters worse, we had to spend one of them watching former beloved Friar Jake Peavy pitch against us (with the only current Padres who were on the squad during Peavy's tenure being Will Venable and Tim Stauffer). To make things really weird, the first game of Bud Black's Padre career featured Jake on the mound against.. the San Fransisco Giants.

Today's awkward opponent tossed against our Eric Stults. One thing both players had in common were abysmal run support. By the end of the day, it was Eric Stults that reigned supreme as the offensively-unsupported king. Stults went 7 full innings giving up only one earned run on six hits, and striking out five. Peavy was pressured a whole lot more, but maintained his composure with 1 earned run despite giving up 3 walks.

The singular San Diego run came in the form of a Yasmani Grandal sacrifice fly in the top of the 5th and is now accounting for 7 RBI's for this final four-game series. The Gnats responded with a pair of Brandons; Belt in the 1st with an RBI double, and Crawford in the 8th on a bases-loaded two-out two-run RBI single.

Not too many highlights for the Pads today. Not when you're leaving nine on base and going 0 for gosh dang 7 with RISP. Alexi Amarista had a very attractive defensive play, which should be considered nothing short of expected from him if you're familiar with him at all.

At this point in the season are plays like this even considered a highlight? The Little Ninja has been making diving plays and star-hanging outs look routine for the past 3 months straight.

But the boys dropped the third game of the series and now are forced to collect a win tomorrow if they want to end the season not losing a series to Frisco. Despite this, the Padres still have a leg up on the Gnats, with a 10-7 season record against them.

Tomorrow fans will get to see Robbie Erlin close out the season against a newcomer from Triple-A Fresno Chris Heston. Robbie has been the fill-in for Tyson Ross' last start, and threw 83 pitches in his last week, holding on to a 4.53 ERA with a 1.34 WHIP. He's sitting at about 60 innings pitched this season, and with 45 strikeouts could easily close out the Padres' 2014 on the most positive note possible.

Win expectancy certainly was never leaning towards the Friars, and pushed in favor of the bad guys when our RBI was earned off a measly sacrifice fly.

Source: FanGraphs

Just one more GLB'r than last night's win showed up for today's second-to-last game.

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