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Live Blogging the latest Padres email survey

I got an email survey from the Padres around noon time and I wasn't sure if I was going to live blog it, but then figured "what the hell", so here we go...

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The email sits in my inbox with the subject "We value your opinion".  The email message states:

Thank you for your support of the San Diego Padres throughout the 2014 season. We value your opinion and invite you to participate in a brief survey. This survey should take about 8 minutes and will help us better understand your experience at Petco Park.

We appreciate and value your time and would like to offer you a special ticket discount for completing this survey.

We look forward to seeing you at Petco Park again this season!

Right in between those last two sentences sits a "Take Survey" button.  I clicked it.  The survey is supposed to take me between 7-10 minutes.

You and the Padres

We are interested in learning about your passion for watching, attending, and following the performance of the San Diego Padres and its players. How passionate are you about the Padres?

There's a sliding scale here where I can choose any number between 0-100.  Zero is "No passion" and 100 means "Ultimate Passion".  Honestly, watching the Padres seems more like a job than a passion at this point, especially this late in a pretty meh season.  I'm going to say that I sit right around 62.  I still enjoy going to games, but it's less about the game itself at this point and more about hanging out with friends and eating delicious foods.  I'd consider myself enthusiastic but not necessarily passionate.  If I miss a game, I'm not too worried about it.

During the season, to what degree do the Padres occupy your mind?

Here I've got another sliding scale from 0-100 where zero is "Never on my mind" and 100 being "Always on my mind".  I'm no Willie Nelson here, though I think about the Padres a good part of my summers.  Mostly I'm trying to come with ideas for blog posts and trying to think of new and interesting ways to talk about the team.  I don't think anyone thinks about the team more than say 90%, so I'll put myself at around 75%.  I'm guessing I think about them at least once every 5 minutes in my waking hours, even if it's just me checking Twitter.

During the season, how much do you prioritize your time so that you can follow the Padres?

Early on in the season I make the Padres much more of a priority.  I attend more games, I watch more games on TV and listen more on the radio.  When I realize the team won't be successful I lose a bit of interest just like everyone else.  Now-a-days, the Padres sit as a 2nd or 3rd tier priority.  If something else comes up, I'll skip the game, but if not they're a nice fallback option.  I'll give myself a 44 on the priority scale from "None to Completely".

When it comes to how you feel about the Padres in your life:

They want me to tell them if "I can't live without the Padres" using their sliding scale from "Strongly Disagree" to "Strongly Agree".  I could live a very fulfilled life if the Padres cease to exist.  It's nice to have them around though.  They're a comfort item that isn't that comfy most of the time.  I'll be generous and give them a 20 since if they were playing, but I couldn't follow them, I'd be annoyed.

Padres, Media, and You

Interesting use of the Oxford Comma.  In this section the Padres want to know about my media habits.

During the season, how frequently do you follow the Padres through these media?

First they want to know what percentage of games I watch on TV.  I'll watch at least part of a game just over half the time, let's say 55%.

Radio, I've started listening to the radio a lot more toward the later part of the season.  My new thing is to listen to the broadcast while I walk, it's easier to stomach when I don't have to see them play and I'm doing something besides sitting on the couch.  I probably listen 3 times a week and on these days I'll listen to the majority of the game but maybe sneak a few minutes on TV when I get home.  I'll answer 42%.

As for how much I follow Padres news, I don't do this very much anymore.  I'll really only click on a news article if I see someone else mention it on Twitter.  I don't go and seek out these articles.  I figure if it's worth reading someone else will retweet it, which they often do.  Let's say I read 20% of the articles.

I rarely go to the team website unless I'm looking for the schedule or trying to find the link to Padres Social Hour.  There's not a whole lot of content on there that I'm interested in.  Let's say 15%.

Social Media

I have not "Liked" the Padres on Facebook, because I've never been on the Facebook.  I would if I was, if that counts for anything.

I follow the Padres on Twitter, but oddly enough I never seek out there tweets.  I usually only see them if they are retweeted.

I don't have an Instagram account either, so I can't follow the Padres.  I thought Instagram was only for perverts and deviants.

At this point they ask if you'd like to share your Twitter profile with them.  I'll pass, they've already got the @GaslampBall handle and I don't have a personal one.


I never read Padres status updates or posts on their Facebook page.  I never post, like or share on the Padres page.  I also never exchange comments on theirs or any other Facebook page.  I don't have the Facebook.  I don't really like interacting with other people.  UPDATE: I just realized that you can't leave 0% as an answer, so I'll put 1% even though it's really 0%.


Now they want to know how frequently I use their @Padres Twitter account.  I read probably about 10% of their tweets.  We follow a few thousand Padres fans so I rarely see them tweet unless they are retweeted a few times.  I

I try not to be one of those people that is constantly mentioning the @Padres like they need to be aware of every thought that goes through my head.  I'll usually use the #Padres hashtag instead.  I only mention them in about 5% of my Tweets probably, even that may be high.

The @Padres don't really exchange tweets with too many people, I don't think.  Mostly they'll answer simple questions, otherwise one of the media team will respond under their own account.  It happened today when @WaynePartello chimed in on a topic that we @ mentioned the Padres.  I'll say 3%.

Season Tickets/Memberships

I've never been a Season Ticket holder.

I've never really kept count of how many games I attend, which I really should.  I think a fair estimate is about 30 games a year.

Companies & Brands in the San Diego Area

Now the Padres want to know how I feel about certain brands.  On a scale from 1 (low) to 7 (High Regard) they want me to score some companies.  There's also a choice if I've never heard of the brand.

The first is USAA. I'm a member and I love them.  They also support a lot of Military Programs.  I'll give them a 7.

I used to think online degrees weren't as good as traditional degrees.  I know a graduate from National University and even attended one of their commencement ceremonies and I can tell you they probably worked hard for their MBA degree than I did.  I don't really like that huge ass sign the Padres hung for them though.  For that they get a 5.

I've never used US Bank and don't really have an opinion.  Most banks are lame, so I'll give them a 2.

Ashford University is next.  Are they an online college too?  I don't know.  I've heard of them but know nearly nothing about them.  I'll say I've never heard of them, just because.

I have GEICO car insurance.  They're pretty good and I just looked around for a cheaper alternative but ended up keeping them.  They don't send me a lot of mail and they've come through the few times I've needed them.  I'll give them a 5, because of that lizard with the accent.

I've never used Bank of America but I hear people complain about them all the time.  I'll give them a 2.

Mercury Insurance I've never used, but they're always trying to give away free Padres tickets if you get a quote from them.  I'm pretty meh. I'll give them a 3.

I'm so sick of East Coasters, especially Bostonians, climaxing when they talk about Dunkin Donuts coffee.  I don't drink coffee but I don't like Dunkin Donuts because of their connection with the Red Sox.  They get a 1.  If Bostonians love Boston so much why are there so many in San Diego?  It doesn't make sense.

Brand Image

The Padres want me to check boxes about these same brands.  The choices are dynamic, distinctive, innovative, unique, reliable, honest, trustworthy, engaged with community and none of these.  I'm already dreading this part.  It's boring and I don't care.  Let's do it quick.

National University
None of These

Ashford University
None of these

Bank of America
None of these

US Bank
None of these

Innovative (I sometimes use their app)

Engaged with community

Mercury Insurance
None of these

Dunkin' Donuts
None of these


The Padres official corporate sponsors communicate through signage, Scoreboard, promotions, TV and radio, Website banners, social media and the Padres log in ads.  They want to know based on my experience which ones use the different types of promotions.  I do not pay attention to this sort of thing, but I'll do my best.

National University
Huge ass ballpark signage

Ashford University
None of these

Bank of America
Ballpark Signage

US Bank
Ballpark Signage?

TV Broadcasts

Scoreboard Messages
TV broadcasts

Mercury Insurance
TV Broadcasts?

Dunkin' Donuts
None of these

How much do you use these products & services

I'd have quit this survey about three questions ago if I wasn't live blogging it.  I'm so sick of rating these companies.

I never use any of these except USAA and GEICO.  USAA I use for half my insurance and Geico for the other half.

What interactions have you had with these brands?

I use the Geico and USAA website and use their services.

This is the last page


They ask want to know how far I live from Petco Park and if I or anyone I'm related to is a military veteran.

They also want me to classify myself as fan.  I'll give myself a 4 out of 5.

As I've said before, I attend about 30 games a year and plan on doing the same next season.

They want to know a bunch of personal information and give them my address.  I guess I'll quit now, since I don't need them contacting me about Season Tickets more than they already do.

Man that survey dragged.  Longest 7-10 minutes of my life.  I recommend you send this one to spam.