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What would your at-bat and closer entrance songs be?

"Did he write this just to have an excuse to use this picture he took last Tuesday?"
"Did he write this just to have an excuse to use this picture he took last Tuesday?"

It's a question that goes back as far as at-bat and closer entrance music has existed: What would yours be? It usually comes up in game threads a couple times a year, and every now and then on Twitter. The topic has been on my mind more than usual recently; it just seems to be cropping up at an inordinate rate.

A few weeks ago I watched a Sanford & Son marathon and, for whatever reason, thought that the theme song would make great strolling-to-the-plate music. Not long after that, Friar Fever and I wound up talking about Pantera in a game thread for some reason and both came to the conclusion that a great deal of their songs would be ideal for a closer to enter a game to. "Walk" would be the best, if only it were called anything else.

By that point I was really meaning to do this post but, true to form, I completely forgot about it. Then the subject was brought back to the forefront of my mind grapes a couple nights ago when jbox tweeted the following:

That is clearly a sign. If baseball gods or whatever can tell some guy to plow his field so mirror-image Shoeless Joe and some old doctor can do their thing, then they can tell me to write about entrance music. I am but a vessel.

While the Sanford & Son theme would be great for somebody -- it would keep the batter from getting what Tony Gwynn referred to as "the tight booty", as would the Curb theme -- my choice for an at-bat song is still "Through These Eyes" by Social Distortion. It just has the right level of energy and intensity that I would need to get in the proper mindset before I ground weakly back to the pitcher because I'm terrible at hitting.

Closer entrance songs, at least through these ears, are a completely different animal from at-bat jams. They generally tend to be metal, following the brooding-intro-breaking-into-badassery formula. Using that as a guideline, my choice has always been "Raining Blood" by Slayer for as long as I can remember. Like Pantera, they have a lot of songs that would fill the bill.

Of course, the music a player enters to, whether he's a batter or a closer, doesn't have to fall into any certain mold; it's always nice when someone throws a figurative curveball and picks something seemingly completely out of left field, like A's rightfielder Josh Reddick's use of Careless Whisper.

With all that said, it brings us back to the title question. What would yours be?