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Padres continue to tease fans with retro uniforms

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Padres wore their 1984 brown away uniforms last night and looked like themselves again, like the teams from our youth, when you could identify them at a glance and take pride in their appearance.  Each time these uniforms are worn I'm reminded what the Padres could be wearing everyday as opposed as to what they're actually wearing.  When that happens I get angry, throw a tantrum and mad cry.

I'm usually pretty mild-mannered about all things Padres, but this topic continually gets me fired up.  These colors of brown and gold will always be the team's true colors and they are destined to be worn again, it's just a matter of time and some leadership that cares more about the team than their personal preferences.

It'd be such an easy change that would reinvigorate the fan base, but ownership and management are so cautious as they study the subject to death and drag their feet, while making all other decisions quickly and haphazardly.  For God's sake, be bold Padres!  Wear brown and gold!  Be proud of who you really are.

Want Padres fans to come back? Bring back the brown uniforms. |

Easy decisions are rare in a Major League Baseball front office, where calculated risks and educated guesses define the job. But this one here's a no-brainer.

There's no way to drown out the Giants fans on the third base line with their life preserver orange hats, in a sea of bland boring blue.  They'll always stand out until we pick an even bolder gold and sweet chocolate brown.

I can't handle the continuous tease, seeing these beautiful colors used to lure us back in and then abandoned time and time again.  No more studying, no more surveys, there is a right and wrong decision, make the right one, for the Padres, for us.

Partello added that uniform-research is imminent and that the organization will carefully consider the data for this "important decision."

UGH!  My couch cushion may not survive the off-season.