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Padres history: The 19 pitchers who have hit a triple

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

In addition to being the first major league pitcher to hit a triple this season, Andrew Cashner is the nineteenth Padres pitcher to hit one. I feel like I'm overdoing it with posts about his triple, but it's interesting to me, and this angle on it is more team-history-oriented whereas that one framed it in the context of MLB history.

While Cashner is the nineteenth Padres pitcher to hit a triple, as I discovered with help as usual from the infallible and indispensable Baseball Reference Play Index, his was the twenty-third pitcher-triple in club history, thanks to a few guys doing it more than once. I'll get back to that and various other related facts but first, here's the list:

Andrew Cashner 2014
Anthony Bass 2012
Jake Peavy 2007
Chris Young 2006
Adam Eaton 2005
Matt Clement 2000
Joey Hamilton 1998
Pete Smith 1997
Will Cunnane 1997
A.J. Sager 1994
Greg Harris 1990
Dave Dravecky 1985
Tim Lollar 1984
Tim Lollar 1983
Tim Lollar 1982
John Curtis 1982
Juan Eichelberger 1982
Brent Strom 1976
Dave Freisleben 1976
Dave Freisleben 1974
Lowell Palmer 1974
Steve Arlin 1972
Steve Arlin 1971

  • Three pitchers have tripled more than once, led by professional hitter Tim Lollar with three, but none have done it more than once in a season.
  • The Padres' longest stretch without a pitcher hitting a triple was the nearly six years between Dave Freisleben's second one on July 9, 1976, and when John Curtis hit his on May 7, 1982. They wouldn't have to wait that long for their next one; Juan Eichelberger hit his just 15 days later. As you might suspect, that is the club record for shortest time between occurrences.
  • The team record for number of pitchers tripling in a season is three, set in that 1982 season. Along with Curtis and Eichelberger, Lollar hit his first. Three other seasons have seen a pair of pitchers hit triples.
  • Of the 19, only seven of them also collected at least one of each other type of base hit during their time with San Diego: Cashner, Young, Peavy, Eaton, Hamilton, Dravecky, and Lollar.
  • John Curtis was the oldest Padres pitcher to hit a triple, at age 34. Freisleben was the youngest, at 22 years old his first time around.
  • Peavy hit his lone triple in the same game that Aaron Rakers made his sole appearance for the Padres.